Saturday, June 10, 2017

Amodal perception

Following up on this post, from what I gathered amodal just means that conceptual representation doesn't require sensorimotor 'modal' input. The amodal conceptual hub is what does the integration of the modal input, and according to the article, together they form a supramodel 'space.' Hence its a hybrid theory between the two. By the way, this definition supramodal was more in line with what I was trying to convey by amodal in the first place.

There's also amodal perception, a related notion. It's when one sees just a part of an object but can fill in rest of it in their imagination. It seems it's the amodal hub that does this. E.g., from this source:

"The spatial structure that is our amodal experience of the world is the common ground, or lingua franca, that unites all sensory experience in a modality-independent structural representation of the world, and that amodal structure represents our perceptual and cognitive understanding of the world."

Btw, that last link has several chapters before and after that one with links to them. This looks to be an invaluable resource on this and related topics. E.g., Ch. 1 is on Lakoff & Nunez's work on image schema in math, Ch.2 on image schemas and so on. Which is exactly what I'm looking for, how all this relates.

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