Thursday, June 1, 2017

Many T-Swamp supporters are snowflakes

I'm modeling the T-Swamp, just telling it like it is. First, the definition of snowflake from Urban Dictionary:

"Referring to someone, usually the Alt-Right, Yiannopoulos, And Nazi Sympathizers (A.K.A. ARYANS), whose immense white fragility causes a meltdown when confronted with the most minute deviation from orthodox White Supremacy. They often cry bloody murder when expected to give the most modest expression of basic human decency. This is all a continuation of how Snowflake historically refers to people who are against the abolition of slavery."

Now see this article. See it for much more. An excerpt:

"[Trump] is a weak, insecure, fragile little snowflake who uses his power and money to try to bully others. I’ve never seen someone who’s as neurotic and thin-skinned as Donald J. Trump.
Funny thing though, most of his supporters are just like him. Many are loud, brazen, like to hurl insults, and act like they’re some anti-PC bad asses — but that’s not remotely true. The Trump supporters I’ve dealt with over the past couple of years are some of the most sensitive, high-strung, overly-defensive, and fragile folks I’ve ever encountered."

"You can’t even quote [Trump] verbatim to prove how awful he is without many of his most ardent supporters lashing out in unhinged fits of rage like spoiled tweens whose parents just took away their iPhone and grounded them for the weekend. Like Trump, they can certainly dish out the 'big, bad' talk — but they sure as hell can’t take it."

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