Monday, June 5, 2017

T-Swamp's bogus infrastructure scheme

You've likely heard that now T-Swamp wants to privatize air traffic control. But remember how he wants to spend $3 trillion on infrastructure? Normally that's accomplished by making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes so we can afford to build new and upkeep older infrastructure. That infrastructure is beneficial to everyone, including the wealthy, as they use more of that resource to operate their big businesses. In that sense, it's an investment of our tax dollars for the benefit of everyone. But not so for T-Swamp and his billionaire buddies. Privatizing infrastructure projects takes tax money out of everyone else's pocket and puts it into the overflowing accounts of the already wealthy. And then we pay double for the tolls on these private roads and bridges. Reich explains why this is the Worst Deal in History for everyone but the rich. Grab the Vasoline and bend over.

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