Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Warren on cuts to housing

Warren notes that the T-Swamp budget eliminates all Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which are used to shelter people with special needs, helps build nursing homes, helps create homes for veterans, helps create shelters for victims of domestic abuse. Warren asks Patenaude, nominee for Deputy Secretary of HUD, if she supports eliminating this funding. She would not directly answer the question, finally just admitting she supports the President's budget. T-Swamp's budget also eliminates $948 billion in funding from the Home Investment Partnership, which builds housing for low-income families. The cuts would make more needy people homeless. Warrens ask again if Patenaude supports these cuts, and again she comments that she supports the President's budget. There is no clearer example that these swamp dwellers hate those in need and will do everything in their power to kill them. Granted, it will be a slow, horrible death due to homelessness and starvation, but it is murder nonetheless.

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