Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jon Stewart: conservative hypocricy on Fast & Furious

That conservatives are hypocrites on this issue is no surprise. But it is fun to catch them at it and no one does it better than Stewart. Last night he noted that because Obama asserted executive privilege then to conservatives it must mean he's not only hiding something, but that it's confirms their paranoid delusions that the operation was a plot to ban guns in America! And their echo chamber compared Obama's first executive privilege to Watergate? Stewart showed the absurdity of this by showing a clip of that brilliant statesman Rick Perry of Texas. When asked by a reporter what Obama's covering up he said: "I don't know." Exactly. They have no idea why he asserted the privilege so the conspiracy theories come out in force.

Plus this is at least the fourth time conservatives have compared Obama to Watergate: national security leaks, Solyndra, Gulf Oil spill, new rules for oil drilling. Every time they turn around these big amygdaloids cry catastrophe and blow all things out of proportion: "The sky is falling!" Stewart points out that Obama has now had 4 Watergates to Nixon's 1. He also points out that one might think Fox was so obsessed with Watergate that the guy running it was a Nixon operative, which of course Roger Ailes actually was.

Getting back to the issue of executive privilege, Stewart shows when it comes to Obama conservatives see it as constitutional abuse, a power grab, lawlessness and a dictatorship. He then shows videos of conservatives talking about executive privilege when Dubya was President. They cheered when he did it. He shows video of Cheney defending it. He showed video of Fox news people supporting executive privilege when it protects the public, and that you "have to trust the people you elect when it comes to national security." Which is of course the exact reason for Obama's assertion in this case, but they didn't vote for him so instead it must be something much more insidious.

Please see the videos, as his humor adds much more to the facts presented above.

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