Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's the Word?

Continuing my exploration from the last few posts, recall this post from the TOE v. TOA thread on Edwards. A few excerpts:

"In the [preceding] figure I draw two holons encountering each other in a moment of relationship. The space between is filled with the interobjective artifacts of that encounter – words, gestures, signs, touch, meanings, displays, roles, communications. Using the developmental ideas of Vygotsky the space between is filled with the mediating processes and artifacts that flow between the two holons. We can draw an holonic boundary around some logical grouping of these artefacts to identify the 'mediating holon.'”

Granted he then discusses the word as the mediating holon par excellence. But per above this space between can be other types of comminication like gestures and touch. And as I suggest we can go all the way down to any form of object-object or -environment communication for this relational, mediational communication. Also consider that the word word has itself taken on new meanings, like these from the urban dictionary. I noted in the post above that I would henceforth use word as conotating the mediating holon more generally. Hence now my expansion with mhetaoric.

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