Monday, June 4, 2012

+/- of social media

I found Bryant's recent blog post interesting on many levels. One is how SR/OOO is proliferating at such a rapid pace due to social media like blogs, discussions and open access publishing. It bypasses the traditional publishing route which maintains author as master narrator, as well as privileged access to information through generally inaccessible academic or professional journals for only those who can afford it. That is, it challenges many of the hierarchical privileges that grow knowledge in more staid environments that exclude the margins, as well as grow it much more slowly. Granted he also discusses the disadvantages of social media, and there are many.

But forums such as this bypass a lot (but not all) of those disadvantages and provide a lot of cutting edge ideas that have heretofore not entered into kennilingus-integral debate due its own insularity. I must also give kudos an credit to Balder for bridging that gap with a foot in both worlds, bringing at least some of these ideas to his JITP contributions, since otherwise I doubt it would happen. Well, there is also Integral Review, but even they tend toward only academic contributions and forego the give and take of online discussion. They flirted with it for a short time but gave up due to the admitted disadvantages. And largely, imo, because they couldn't contain it to 'academic' standards, which misses the rich contributions from not so doing.

I also appreciated Bryant's point about social communication having to do not strictly with Habermasian consensus but also with dispute and disagreement. This reminds me of Edwards' comments on how social and 2nd-person interaction also involve this, and how kennilingus misses this boat due to its limited (to nonexistent) view on these topics, as well as its refusal to accept criticism unless its within its limited hermeneutic consensus (or cult, depending on one's level of reaction to this).

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