Friday, June 15, 2012

Tarot card meditation game

Even though it's hard to tell given the color, that is a waterway he overlooks from his hilltop perch, ships sailing through it. He missed the boat. He has turned his back on his job, family and responsibilities, at least for this moment, to dream about what it would be like to sail away into an entirely new life. To see new lands, new people, taste different food, hear other languages. But the upright posts that keep him tethered to this verdant spot, representing his wife, job and kid, provide the secure foundation that keeps him balanced and prosperous. One never knows what disaster could happen if he boarded one of those ships, perhaps a slave ship, instead of a mysterious adventure. Perhaps this is why the water is dirty instead of blue? Better just to dream on occasion and go back to work on Monday.

What do you see?

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