Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maher on god and money

In his New Rules segment last night his special comments were devoted to god and money, since in the US our god is money. In noting that god should not be on money: "Because one is a supreme, all powerful entity that Americans worship above all else. And the other is god." In explaining why the Democrats left god out of their platform: "Perhaps because it's a platform and not a spell." In response Fox news pretended Christianity was under attack "to get old people hard." Romney responded that "I will not take god off of coins." To which Maher responded: "Taking a bold and unwavering stance against something no one has ever asked anyone to do."

Maher doesn't really care if god is on money, or as he said: "I don't really care on which of your treasured totems you scroll the name of your myth," as long as you can exchange it for some pot at the local dispensary. Although he does find it a bit ironic that as the story goes god sent his son to beat up the moneychangers in the temple. And doubly ironic that the god Romney worships isn't in the Bible but in the Cayman Islands and Geneva. On the sociological impact of making money our god: "Is how we let things like our wars, and our prisons, and our healthcare turn into for-profit businesses." The war on drugs will never end because it's making a fortune for the private prison, alcohol and prescription drug industries. In light of the anniversary of 9/11 he notes that we won the war on terror but it will never be admitted because the military-industrial complex reaps a fortune on perpetuating it.

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