Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Romney is losing

Robert Reich's post today evaluates two explanations for Romeny's dropping poll numbers. One is that Romney is just a bad candidate, makes continual gaffs, cannot express his real values and policies and is just plain incompetent. I don't argue with any of those, being accurate as far as they go. But Reich thinks there is a more significant reason being avoided by the regressives and with which I agree. Inept as Romney is, he is just playing out the current GOP ideology and agenda to the letter. And that is why he is falling behind, since the majority of Americans just don't like regressive ideas anymore.

Those ideas are that 47% or more of the American people are lazy and don't take responsibility for themselves. That by giving the rich tax breaks and incentives that the wealth will trickle down to the rest of us. That by further removing regulations this will unburden the righteous invisible hand of capitalism and the economy will start producing a good life for everyone again. That if only we could legislate away the rights of gays they would see the light of God and be transformed into normal and healthy people again. That is unions are destroyed then the wise and beneficient captains of industry would automatically and magnanomously help their workers attain the human rights they rightfully deserve. That if we could just cut out government safety nets then churches and compassionate rich people will pick up the slack and handle all the downtrodden's needs. That if we can just get teacher's to program student's to give the right answers on standardized tests then we would again be competitive in the global marketplace and teachers would have earned their money.

And on and on. It's a bullshit ideology and the majority of folks are now on to it. This is what is being rejected with Romney's slide and fade into history. Granted he is pushing that along with his incapacity but it's the regressive agenda that we've grown beyond and flat out reject.

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  1. Oh, I hope you're right! Here in Eastern Kentucky, in the middle of the Bible Belt and "Friends of Coal" I don't see much that gives me hope!


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