Sunday, September 9, 2012

Michael Moore on the upcoming election

Moore thinks progressives should not be overconfident, that if they are not vigilant and active Romney just might pull this off. This is partly due to many disgruntled auto workers in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio where the polls are pretty much even. But didn't the bailout save the auto industry? Per Moore it saved Chrysler and GM corporations. To do so thousands of their workers had to be laid off with pensions and benefits reduced for those that stayed. And these people are really pissed off.

Plus the fact is that in 2008 Obama lost the white vote except with young people. Polls are again showing the white vote is so far going to Romney. Fortunately Obama won with every other demographic and has polling leads among them again. But numerous GOP State legislatures have gone on a coordinated effort to disenfranchise exactly the demographic that is needed for another win. And of course the GOP and their PACs are raising way more money that the President or the progressives. That money is buying proportionally more airtime and filling it with lies. But the constant reinforcement of lies with low-information voters is having an effect, especially in the swing States where things are way too close to call.

Moore also deals with some of the President's policies that have turned progressives apoplectic: giving the insurance companies more money and power with Obamacare; drones killing Pakistani civilians; prosecuting government whistleblowers; Gitmo; Geitner and Summers; detention without habeus corpus, etc. But he also advises to get over it, for with the opposition you'll get all of that and so much more nightmares. If we don't get over our pouting and get active and do everything within our power to reelect Obama you ain't seen nothin' yet in terms of hell on earth.

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