Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maher's new rule on undecided voters

He calls it like he sees it on those few that have yet to make up their "minds" about the upcoming election. I put "minds" in scare quotes because these are people whose distinctive quality lies in the fact that they do not exhibit any demonstrable thinking process. Maher dispenses with the myth that the undecided "are somehow more noble and discerning that the rest of us." He gives the Octomom and Kim Kardashian as examples of this elite group. They are not the cream but more like the dregs of the crop intellectually. They are what political scientists call "low information voters, otherwise known as dipshits."

He rails at a media who portray them as otherwise and give them undeserved attention and veneration. Why the election has to come down to people who don't know much and could give a shit is one of those mysteries. He observes: "When are low-information, wishy-washy people ever desirable to talk to? There's a reason why when you have a problem you never seek their advice. 'Heh, you know who you should talk to about that thing you're going through? Someone who doesn't know anything about it.'" He is right that during the debates we should skip that bit about consulting with these dimwits about their reactions and "instead hook up the dial to their foreheads and see if there is any measurable brain activity."

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