Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yes, there's voter fraud, by the GOP

The regressives have created the false narrative, i.e., a story with no proof, that there is rampant voter fraud so therefore it is necessary to create stringent voter ID requirements. And the smoke screen is so that they can deliberately disenfranchise those most likely to vote Democrat. They really don't care about democracy but about supporting their ideology. Ed Shultz continues to report on this. With Obama pulling away in the polls cheating is the only way regressives have a chance and they know it. And ironically they are the ones committing voter fraud.

In FL a voter registration firm working with the GOP was caught turning in forms with fake signatures and false information. The GOP rushed to distance themselves from the firm. The firm was run by a long-time GOP operative and paid nearly $3 million. In one FL county they even tried to register dead people, a recurrent boogey-man regressives accuse the Democrats of doing. Which is of course one way you can always tell when a regressive is doing something wrong, as they will scream at the top of their lungs that the other side is doing it. Same thing with voter fraud.

See Ed's report for several other examples.

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