Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ann Coulter agrees with raising taxes on the rich!

You know the war is being won with such pronouncements as this from one of the frothiest of regressive mouth-foamers. She stunned fellow regressive bubble resident Hannity by admitting "we lost the election" and therefore need to give in on raising the top marginal tax rate lest the GOP be rightly perceived as lackeys for the rich at the expense of the rest of us. This election had consequences, one of which is that the regressive bubble is starting to burst and the likes of Coulter are at the very least admitting that they have a  perception problem, even if they still maintain such heinous policies.

Of course their tack will be how to best lie to counter that perception problem instead of actually changing their policy positions. To wit, Paul Ryan recently telling an audience that the GOP needs to avoid writing off people as takers, that the GOP needs to be inclusive of everyone. And this from the guy that just a short while earlier said that 60% of Americans were takers. It's a phoney strategy to fool the electorate into believing they care, when policies like the Ryan budget are obvious evidence to the contrary.

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