Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell rightfully rips LaPierre a new NRA-hole

And deservedly so. NRA President LaPierre made a statement on Friday in the aftermath of the most recent shooting tragedy at Newton. O'Donnell rightfully did not mince words in his lengthy response. This NRA-hole blamed everyone and everything for such massacres except its leading cause, guns. Instead of suggesting reasonable gun control on things like assault rifles and high-capacity clips the NRA-hole instead lobbied for more guns, saying everyone should have one. His solution for school shootings is to have an armed policemen in all of them. Never mind that Columbine High School had such an armed guard and was unable to stop the killing spree there. These guards are armed not with assault rifles with high-capacity clips but with hand guns, so they cannot stop them.

Also the NRA-hole said nothing about putting a policeman in every movie theater, where the Denver mass murders took place. Nor did he recommend putting one in every shopping mall parking lot, where a Congresswoman and innocent bystanders were gunned down.  Nor any other location besides schools, where the vast majority of such atrocities are committed on a daily basis. It just exposes the ludicrous notion that if we can just protect schools then problem solved. No, the problem is guns you fucking idiot.

Never mind that putting an armed policemen in every school would require that 132,183 new ones be hired at a cost of about $6.7 billion per year. Governments do not have that kind of funding so it would require tax increases to raise it. And would the NRA support such tax increases for this purpose? Grover Norquist is a Board Member of the NRA and we know his position on taxes. And we also know the general GOP policy on it, as across American their policy has been to fire policemen in droves to stave off budget deficits.

O'Donnell's rhetoric was severe but apt when he called the NRA a lobbyist for mass murderers. They are the ones who lobby for assault rifles and high-capacity clips that enable such mass killings. He also called LaPierre as a "desperate, corned rat" for quibbling about the technicality of one reporter's ballistic misstep, as if that were somehow justification for allowing such absurd armories be available to the general public. I highly recommend you view O'Donnell's piece at the above link for the full emotional impact on this important subject.


  1. See the following link. Even conservative newspapers think the guy is whack.

  2. There have been 100 more shooting deaths in the US, just since Sandy Hook.


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