Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Please proceed, regressives

Recall during the second debate between Obama and Romney where Romney went after the President about the word "terrorism" in the latter's initial response to the Libyan embassy attack. As Romney continued to further insert foot into mouth the President said confidently: "Please proceed, Governor." I suggest we apply this strategy to the entire regressive worldview, which after the election is struggling to explain how it was possible. They continue to look for any excuse like it was Romney, or it was their framing, all to avoid the real reason: The majority of Americans tire of their regressive policies as expressed by their regressive worldview.

Take for example how in the fiscal cliff standoff how the regressives don't want to raise marginal tax rates on the rich but are gung ho to raise the eligibility age for Medicare recipients. This article looks at the polls on these issues. Results: The majority wants to raise taxes on the rich (including raising capital gains rates),  leave social programs like social security and Medicare alone, and make sensible entitlement reforms like allowing Medicare to negotiate for cheaper drugs. The last one is not even on the table and regressives have fought it in the past. Poll respondents also favor a public health option, another thing not on the table.

Another huge example is what just happened in Michigan, where they recently enacted "right to work" and are soon to enact a restrictive abortion bill. These too are worn out regressive ideas and they just cannot accept the message from the last election. Good, I say. Please proceed to double down on your regressive policies, the very ones that will surely get you removed from office at the mid-term elections. Keep at it, go for broke. For broke you'll be soon enough.

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