Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Disseminating the marginal

I found this Bryant talk on You Tube: Texts are a factory. It's a common theme in his blog but an important one, and to see and hear him adds a personal dimension otherwise missing. Basically text as factory is how texts disseminate or not, and how academia in particular is a very insular world that does not disseminate ideas antithetical to its program.

This is why I think Balder is a pivotal player, since he is now publishing in academia and has a wonderful opportunity to bring in texts such as this forum, typically ignored in academia in general and kennilingus in particular. Of course this is what Bryant does with his blog and open access publishing, and talks such as this, opening the discourse. But Balder is one of the few who might bridge this gap in the integral world. I'm hopeful that IPS might get its ipseity some dissemination.

It also occurs to me that academia confers legitimacy to texts, and without that blessing many invaluable texts are relegated to the margins at best. Ironically it is academia that has provided the environment for Bryant's text to be disseminated so widely. Granted if he weren't an academic his blog would still have some popularity merely via blogsphere dissemination. But something tells me that it would not generate anywhere near the hits it gets without being within academia, with all the audience that automatically commands. I.e., it has significant gravity (gravitas).

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