Sunday, December 2, 2012

Derrida and Wilber at the crossroads of metaphysics

See update below:

Gregory Desilet has a new article at Integral World, originally written to appear in Dancing with Sophia: Integral Philosophy on the Verge. I don't know if its publication at Integral World will preclude its publication in the latter. An excerpt:

"This study argues instead that Wilber fails to formulate a science of spirituality consistent with his claims for the potential of such a science to relieve problems of verification and uncertainty. More specifically it maintains that Wilber's claim to have ventured into the realm of post-metaphysical thinking overreaches, that his spiritual orientation remains grounded in classical metaphysics, and that his belief in the post-metaphysical nature of his spirituality and philosophy depends on questionable assumptions about both metaphysics and postmodernism."

Recall this recent post in the Rifkin thread about thermodynamics and irreversibility in terms of Newton and Adam Smith, how they did not take it into account. Desilet brings this up in terms of restricted and general economies. He shows how Derrida's framing of opposition is in line with the latter and thermodynamics, comparing it to Plotnitsky's QM complimentarity. And of course contrasting it with Wilber's restricted economy which tends to see opposition as a much stricter division between transcendence and immanence. Now where have I heard this before?

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