Saturday, January 5, 2013

Debt ceiling default a legitimate political strategy? Seriously?

We already know that the top 1% give not a damn about the rest of the world, as they brought it to near and total financial collapse by their demented greed. And now we have not only the GOP enabling such behavior but the lamestream media with the upcoming debt ceiling. It's horrendous enough that the Congressional regressives want to cut necessary programs for the poor and middle class to provide tax cuts and incentives to the very people that are motivated by avarice and nothing else, except perhaps the complete and utter destruction of the environment and the middle class. And that they are willing to default on our financial obligations thereby causing more worldwide financial turmoil unless they get such cuts to those most in need so that their pals might have that fifth Gulfstream G650.(A lovely plane, by the way.)

But we now also have the lamestream media enabling them further by portraying the debt ceiling default as just another and acceptable political ploy. WTF is wrong with them? This story exposes the insanity of treating this as just another political strategy of equal equivalence to sell newspapers. Progressives (not necessarily Democrats) want a fair and equitable tax system, Republicans (necessarily regressives) want to destroy the good faith and credit of the US. Equal, see? If you see that as equal you really need a better optometrist, and perhaps a proctologist, since you at pulling such fetid shit out of your ass. It is most disturbing that the regressives have shifted the debate so far to the right of insanity that such hostage-taking is now seen by the media as somehow legitimate. Perhaps after so much brow-beating (more like ass-raping) they too are now victims of Stockholm Syndrome? Which is of course right where the financial terrorists want them, cheering for the end of the world.

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