Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stewart on 2nd amendment paranoia

Stewart rationally discusses the problem, which is of course a problem for paranoid psychos. He asks i.f common sense regulations might reduce some of the killings, why not try. One regressive compares it to drunk driving and asks "Do we ban bars?" Stewart responds we do not but we do enact strict blood alcohol limits, raised the drinking age, ramped up enforcement. Such sensible actions reduce drunk driving deaths. So why not outlaw high-capacity clips? Is that not a reasonable limitation? Or take military weapons out of the hands of civilians? The reply: the original assault gun ban was ill-conceived and didn't work. So how about well conceiving one that will work?

And what about the slippery slope to abolishing the 2nd amendment, that that's where this is headed, right? And there is the crux of the problem, this complete and total insane paranoia about government taking all our guns like Hitler. Never mind that there is not one shread of evidence of such a government conspiracy, if fact or even implied by any gun legislation passed to date. None. But that's the thing with paranoid lunacy; it doesn't need facts, for it sees the enemy at every turn, even when a sensible proposal if put forth. This couldn't have been expressed any clearer than by one of the most paranoid of radio hosts, Alex Jones. His rant on Piers Morgan's show was frightening and accurate on where these really, truly sick folks are coming form. How do you have a rational discussion with them? You don't, you just show them for what they are and defeat them.

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