Saturday, January 26, 2013

The new, highest order of complexity in the MHC

This paper explores level 15 in the Model of Hierarchical Complexity, the meta-cross-paradigmatic. Or as Ross calls it, the performative-recursive. They list as one example of the new order string theory, which coordinates quantum mechanics with the theory of relativity. I still find this somewhat interesting but less so in light of my deeper exploration of the MHC in the IPS thread "real and false reason," with further expansions in the "object-oriented ontology" thread. The former thread directly addresses the MHC; the latter only in a few select posts that will require searching.

On a related note, not surprisingly Commons on his yahoo forum finds this paper a must read. It basically refutes Rosch and cognitive neuroscientific evidence in concept learning in favor of Boolean logic. Issues of course explored in depth in the real/false reason thread above.

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