Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maher is back

From his monologue: He appreciates the NRA accusing anyone of being paranoid; "It's like a sepctic tank saying 'you need a mint.'" On Armstrong doping and the Olympic Committee taking away his medal: "It's ok, they gave it to the runner-up, a nice Russian lady with a huge cock."

His New Rules diatribe was about not guns but about the reauthorization of a program that collect data on any citizen under the ruse of possible terrorism. And no one is commenting on it, not even liberals who are supposed to care about such things. Especially troubling is that Facebook generation not only has no problem with lack of privacy but that they revel in anyone knowing everything about their lives. No one seems to care that this is the new normal, that we must accept a police state or have planes running into buildings. Either/or.

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