Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chris Hedges on reform and revolt

I hear you brother Hedges. I, like him, prefer peaceful reform based on people power. But it seems that given the current power dynamics that is a fanciful chimera. One which the 1% in fact encourage, since it's ineffective. Hedges is right that we must disrupt power's infrastructure though resistance and create new infrastructures. Reform won't work and revolt is the only viable course. To be clear, I do NOT mean violent revolution. 

I mean the sort of disruption and civil disobedience Hedges mentions, like blocking the entrance to the UN meeting and going to jail if necessary. I mean boycotting the products of the 1%. I mean the sort of political revolution happening through Senators Sanders and Warren, who will disrupt the 1%'s legal infrastructure by creating or reinstituting laws that thwart corporate greed and irresponsibility.

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