Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stein on education

Here are a few excerpts of this Zak Stein blog on education. Kennilingus might consider this being infected with the mean green meme anti-capitalist conspiracy theory. For the rest of us not so ideologically blind it is of paramount importance.

"Elsewhere I have discussed the dominance of reductive human capital theory (RHCT) as an orienting meta-theory of education in late-capitalist societies (Stein, 2013). We are also witnessing the simultaneous widespread hijacking of education by forms of fundamentalism, extremism, and nationalism, which are designed to perpetuate violence and terror, and which create humans with grotesque personalities that are bound and imprisoned in ideology."

"Beginning in the 1980’s and leading up through the first decades of the 21st century, educational systems around the world became subject to a form of authoritarian modernization, wherein neo-liberal RHCT aligned with conservative (and in the US) religious fundamentalist political actors to create a hegemonic block (Apple, 2001; 2013). During these decades educational systems became increasing characterized by career oriented technical knowledge, conservative social values, standardized forms of curriculum and testing, authoritarian social relations, privatization, and marketization."

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