Sunday, May 24, 2015

TPP will cut Medicare

See this story for the details. The Administration said no US laws will be changed or overridden due to the TPP. This story says it's a baldfaced lie, given that there will be cuts in Medicare to pay for assistance to workers that lose their jobs due to the TPP. First off, this admits that US workers will lose their jobs due to the trade deal, when the Administration told another lie that there would be no such job losses. And it's laudable that we should assist those that lose jobs, but why must it be paid out of Medicare? Certainly the enormous profits the wealthiest will obtain from the deal can be taxed a few pennies to pay for this?

Plus there are other lies the Admin told about the deal as enumerated by Krugman referenced in the article. They want us to trust them on this deal, that their intentions are good, how can we do so when they tell lie after lie and are caught in them? We can't.

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