Friday, May 22, 2015

The power of the other 1%

See Ralph Nader's article. It only takes 1% of the population getting active to effect change. And it only requires a modest amount of time and money. Of course, to what they devote their energies must be supported by a majority of the public, like higher minimum wages, marriage equality, etc. We've seen time and again these issues getting enacted when they have those 1%ers fighting for them, giving them voice and public attention. Like Senators Sanders and Warren. That's exactly why they can win. Nader details how such firebrands have inspired popular movements that have indeed become law, like women's suffrage, unions, financial regulation, product and occupational safety, environmental regulation. 

Yes, some of this is being turned back, but only because we the people have been led to believe we are powerless, that our votes don't count, that our voices aren't heard. Which is the regressive plan. But if we don't let them succeed, if we get off our asses and do something, even a little something, we can make a difference. We have history to prove it. And our very future depends on it.

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