Sunday, July 26, 2015

More on the capitalism debate

Some of my further comments from links in the last thread:

I appreciate that not everything is transcended and included, that in some lines like worldviews things are replaced. (See the anti-capitalism thread for those comments.) Hence we don't include capitalism in the next wave. Of course there are hybrids during the transition, but capitalism will be fazed out.

Also I don't see any discussion that capitalism is still feudalism, that it never took to the development of democracy. The latter was the goal in the political system but the elite financial aristocracy maintained the feudal structure with economics. Again, granted there are now hybrids, where some companies are including more democratic procedures and worker-ownership, but that will evolve completely out of capitalism at some point.

Michael is wrong about our basic needs being met. There was a time in capitalism where socialist programs like FDR's did indeed seek to meet those basic needs and provide for a thriving middle class. But the surplus time and money generated by such mass prosperity was not channeling into our higher drives but manipulate by capitalists into consumerism, a form of every man's greed.

With the 60s movement that started to change with more people channeling their surplus into higher drives, but that was quickly stamped out with Reaganomics, which once again siphoned the surplus money to the top and left the rest of us begging for scraps while working our asses off. It's been a race to the very top and bottom ever since, the epitome of feudalism.

By the way, Ray Harris on how we apply surplus from one level to the next is still a classic. 

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