Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why 'moderate' Democrats lose every time

See this article for the details. A host of red state Democrats are worried over the supposed "leftward shift" in their states represented by the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders. They see him as catering to the progressive base but not connecting with those in the middle. Democrats need to be "big tent" and appeal to a wide spectrum of folks from all political leanings, they claim. And yet that is exactly what Sanders is doing, and what they don't do with their wishy-washy, toothless agenda. And exactly why such Democrats lose to Republicans time and again. If they had the guts to stand up for American values like Sanders, which truly cross political and ideological lines, they too would start to win. But they still don't get it, so it's time for more people's candidates to get rid of their infestation of the Democratic Party.

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