Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reich on the central issue

From his FB post:

"The central issue in the upcoming election should be the gross imbalance of power in America – to large corporations, Wall Street banks, and extremely wealthy individuals. Specific policy proposals offered by candidates are irrelevant unless they serve to rebalance power, because without such a rebalancing nothing can be done. Most important are proposals to (1) get big money out of politics; (2) break up concentrations of economic power (the largest Wall Street banks, major health insurers, big Internet service providers, Big Agriculture, major airlines, Big Pharma, large military contractors); (3) increase taxes on the wealthy (including inheritance taxes) and on large corporations; (4) strengthen the countervailing power of small businesses, local banks, trade unions, and community-based grass-roots organizations; and (5) restore voting rights, end gerrymandering, stop voter IDs and other forms of voter suppression.

"But to shift power in this way requires the mobilization of millions of individuals – poor, working class, middle class, black, Latino, and white. The issue isn't who can win, given the current allocation of power in our society. It's who can best mobilize the nation to take back the power that is rightfully ours.

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