Friday, July 10, 2015

Progressive piss and vinegar

I was watching the PBS series on The Abolitionists, meaning of slavery. There came a turning point for Frederick Douglass when he realized his great oratory only moved those of like mind and didn't affect the slave owners one iota. The time came to fight, in this case physically so, and a war between the north and south ensued.

We are now engaged in another war, that of the oligarchy and the rest of us. And make no mistake, the oligarchy with their policies are killing many of us daily. We must stand up and fight, and progressives like me appreciate those that do. At this point the fight is political and we've seen some results from such principled fighting. We have yet to resort of violence and I hope it never comes to that. But we simply cannot succeed if we don't fight back.

Hence I appreciate both the fight in Varoufakis and Warren, and Sanders' piss and vinegar is the only antidote for American politics at this point.

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