Monday, December 14, 2015

Don Beck on Ken Wilber

See this FB post for more. An excerpt by Beck:

"I reject all of this and is yet another example of Wilber attempting to exploit the Graves model and Spiral Dynamics. He lacks, entirely, the 7th Code, and has no idea how/when/where each of the Codes have emerged. I will gladly challenge him to a public debate but he still hides out in his loft in Denver. The whole idea of "tiers" is uniquely language from our work which he "steals" in order to market his. The many lacks any ethical basis when he does so. He is nothing beyond RED-ORANGE. If he wants to develop his own system then he should do so without exploiting my life time of work which he continues to do. 

"Our 7th and now emerging 8th Code are functional, resolve real world problems, and emerge out of the Life Conditions; not out of some mystical realm from Eastern viewpoints which, belong to those cultures, not to Western societies. I still like the man but have no respect for him. I have seen too much. The new Star Wars movie -- "The Force Awakens!"as 'art mirrors reality." The 8th Code is beginning to take shape. It will NOT be the 6th code on steroids as many in the "Integral World believe." the Progressive movement add to the emergence of civilization, and there are still places where it is valuable, it is no longer the relevant system for the whole....that is in the 7th Code of Integral Flow that deals with billions of people passing through premodern, modern, and post modern views. This is the prime reason we are having so much trouble with militant Islamic structures. I work in the Middle East. It is unfortunate that Ken's illness has kept him out of the real world."

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