Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The US is getting more progressive

Even if it's representatives are mostly regressive and don't listen. This article details some progressive victories in 2015. And encourages us to keep fighting to implement an agenda that moves forward, not backward. Plus we must get out the vote and change Congress to continue this evolution of our species, for as is the current Congress very well might destroy the planet if we do not. A few samples from the article:

1) A growing number of workers are earning more – thanks to local and state progressive-pushed initiatives to raise the minimum wage and new overtime rules.
2) Same-sex marriage is legal. People can marry who they want now.

3) Health insurance, The Supreme Court didn’t back conservative efforts to kill Obamacare.(So now we push on toward a public option or Medicare-for-All.)
4) Some states have been able to push out gerrymandering, and a few places were able to pass measures fighting back against money in politics.
5) The world finally came together to begin to fight climate change. (Even if the timing has been compared to starting your Christmas shopping an hour before the stores close on Christmas Eve,) President Obama has introduced his Clean Power Plan.
6) Successfully replacing No Child Left Behind and historic graduation rates.
7) Historic Iran nuclear deal.

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