Wednesday, July 23, 2014

AIPAC and US's morally bankrupt Israel policy

See this story. I've wondered recently why US representatives and politicos refuse to say nary a bad word on Israel's Palestinian policy. The story's answer is AIPAC, the highly influential US Israeli lobby.  We blindly accept Israel's story about how Hamas was behind the kidnapping and killing of 3 Israelis, yet no evidence has been provided. Sources were quoted as saying the real reason for the invasion was due to the recent agreement between Fatah and Hamas on a unity government. This would likely lead to pressure on Israel for a two-state solution, to which Netanyahu has vowed never under his watch. None of which can even be addressed lest AIPAC uses its lobby to thwart any dissident's campaign.

"Yet as soon as fighting starts, and even if Israel instigates it, AIPAC demands that Washington march in lockstep with Tel Aviv. Congress invariably rushes to pass new resolutions endorsing whatever Israel decides to do. Even though it is mostly Palestinians who are dying, White House officials rush to proclaim that Israel has 'the right to defend itself,' and Obama himself won't go beyond expressing 'concern' about what is happening. Of course Israelis have the right to defend themselves, but Palestinians not only have the same right, they have the right to resist the occupation. To put this another way, Israel does not have the right to keep its Palestinian subjects in permanent subjugation. But try finding someone on Capitol Hill who will acknowledge this simple fact."

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