Thursday, July 10, 2014

The TPP gets worse

See the petition text below and please consider signing it here. Now the TPP has provisions to censor the internet! These people are insidious and evil. And must be stopped.

REVEALED: “Chief negotiators” are now stepping in to finalize a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) plan that could censor expression online for generations.1 2 Your comments on mobile platforms, content on YouTube, and posts on Facebook could be censored. Whole websites could even be blocked.3

We only have 48hrs before meetings in Ottawa conclude: Let’s raise a loud global call for TPP chief negotiators to back off and save free expression now. TPP negotiators received citizen comments in a face-to-face meeting with OpenMedia just hours ago,4 but now chief negotiators are stepping in to ram the censorship plan into place. If enough people speak out now, we’ll put up a giant “Save Free Expression” banner in front of the TPP meeting building – a banner that decision makers and the media can’t ignore.

[1] Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Source: EFF
[2] TPP talks in full gear as chief negotiators join working-level meeting. Source: Mainichi
[3] How the Trans-Pacific Partnership would impact Internet freedom. Source: Expose the TPP
[4] Social media companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and Internet user groups speak out about costs of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. Source.

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