Thursday, July 10, 2014

Benji flops on SYTYCD

I was excited for Benji Schwimmer's return to So You Think You Can Dance last night, now as a choreographer. He directed a west coast swing routine but unfortunately it was one of the worst of the evening. Nigel was right when he said Benji was mean, in that he gave the dancers something that would look good on him. He didn't  though take the dancers' strengths or skills into consideration and tailor the dance to them. They looked awkward and at times even clumsy, and these dancers are far from that. The routine was filled with the sort of tricks that Benji is famous for, but lacked even a modicum of any recognizable west coast swing patterns or rhythm. It was a disastrous flop that indulged Benji, not the dancers or the audience. And I was hoping for so much more, since I really like him. Compare it with this routine.

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