Thursday, July 31, 2014

National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Was yesterday, and instituted by the US Senate last year. I blew the whistle on my former profession, the insurance industry. I was an underwriter who was increasingly being asked to insure bad risks so that the company's financiers could amass quick growth and then sell, thereby burdening the buyer with the debt that would inevitable follow as a result. It's the same scheme that caused the financial crises of '08, still ongoing and still not regulated. 

After revealing the company's unethical behavior I was of course blacklisted from ever working again in the industry. The good thing is that I'd already amassed enough retirement income to say fuck it and retire. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky and has to labor under such employers and can't blow the whistle for fear of such retribution. The US government itself, while saying it encourages whistle blowing, is just as guilty of punishing the whistler instead of the perpetrator, usually itself.

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