Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mountains are mountains again

Update: see the continuing discussion in this post and following.

Continuing from the last post, this is also part of a FB IPS discussion on the topic. Therein Joseph said, excerpted:

"Often, highly evolved or individuated persons, especially if they have had certain STATE experiences, will already be carrying a Master Signifier - as their own interpretation of that state experience. As Wilber wrote, a person will interpret their state experience in accordance with their level of development. So for someone of this ilk to be in a group whose purpose is to create some new emergent, they will have a HUGE hurdle to overcome - they must be able to lay down their own PRECIOUS, their own Master Signifier that they're carrying in their pocket. This Master Signifier is their privileged perspective.

"As I wrote in an earlier post, there are a couple of ways that things can go terribly, terribly wrong. All of them have to do with the emergence of this Master Signifier, or in the example I cite in this posting, the problem of someone in the group carrying their own Ring of Power (their own Master Signifier as privileged perspective) in their nasty little pockets."

My response:

That aligns with something I was thinking after my last post. My suggestion that the unprecedented is a rather common and mundane affair brought up an immediate objection: But that's not what we mean by the unprecedented! It's got to be something special, something sacred and sacrosanct, something spiritual. It's got to have that master signifier, as you call it, one meaning to rule them all. Perhaps it's time the mountain became the mountain again?

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