Monday, July 14, 2014

Whole Foods capitalist ideolgy is failing

This story should be no surprise. Whole Foods has always been overpriced and everyone knew it, hence the nickname Whole Paycheck. But that was their marketing strategy. It wasn't just whole, healthy food, but that sort of food for the upper middle classes and higher. The whole strategy was based on and aimed at those who fed on the capitalist free market wet dream, that if you just try hard enough you too can be healthy, wealthy and wise.

When the economy was good there were enough yuppies to afford shopping at this status symbol. But since the economy tanked due to those capitalist forces sick with greed and self indulgence, quite a few of those prior professionals have entered the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed and can no longer afford to spend their whole paycheck on good food. Also consider that lower-end grocers are now picking up those products at far lower prices, since they see the writing on the wall of the bad economy and cater to the lower classes.

But keep in mind that not only the Wall Street crowd created the economic collapse but the lower-end chain stores maintain that sort of economy with poor wages and little benefits. They create their own market for their products since their workers cannot afford better. And often said workers need government assistance, which socializes the losses on society while the capitalists keep the profits.

Whole Foods is complicit in the process in that they ignored the poor and lower middle-class from the outset; they were always about catering to the upper classes and figured the rest of us didn't deserve to eat healthy food. Whole Foods has always been part of the capitalist delusion that thinks the rest of us get what we deserve because we're too lazy etc. Now that many of its erstwhile yuppies can no longer afford their products they'll just have to abide by their capitalist philosophy and fail due to 'free market' forces, like their own greed and failed ideology.

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