Sunday, July 13, 2014

More regressive lies on Obamacare

Recall Maher's recent new rule on zombie lies, several of which were about Obamacare. Krugman notes that the rate of uninsured is directly correlated to Obamacare. Regressives though are lying about that one too, saying it's a result of the improving economy. Set aside for the moment that regressives have done everything they can to thwart economic improvement, meaning that they've blocked every suggestion along that line, as well a doing nothing whatsoever to help. Krugman cites more facts that there is a direct correlation with declining uninsured in States that have implemented the Medicaid expansion, and same correlation with worse numbers in those States not implementing it. It's further proof of both the success of Obamacare and how the regressives would actually rather see people not get healthcare and die than admit their complicity in failed policies. These are some sick bastards.

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