Monday, July 21, 2014

Israel & Palestine

Watching the Sunday talking heads made it clear that the Palestinians are not even recognized, let alone addressed. Everyone says: "Israel has the right to defend itself." True, but to the extremes they are doing so? Indiscriminately killing innocent women and children? Sure, go after the Hamas involved in the rocketing, specifically target them. But blowing up neighborhoods because Hamas has been there? Absolutely no one in the media questioned the talking politicos on this, just accepting that Israel had the right to do whatever they wanted in retaliation.

Then finally I saw this article speaking for the Palestinians.
It showed how mass media, while pretending to be objective and balanced, were anything but. How Hamas was equated with Palestinian, which made violence against the latter justified. Of if the word 'Palestinian' was used it was always as an adjective to 'terrorist' or 'militant,' denigrating an entire people. Plus the language of 'trading' attacks made it seem like both sides had equal firepower and effectiveness, a complete lie. Israel's arms are much more sophisticated as the death tolls on both sides easily attest, again missing from media reports.

I guess it's a matter of where US bread is buttered. Israel has huge financial pull with our legislators, Palestine virtually none. Hence the one-sided outlook on this debacle. None of which excuses Hamas' violence, just puts it in a context that our government and media refuse to do.

Also see Zogby's story on how Israel had traditionally treated Palestinians in Gaza. And Kucinich's piece:

"Israel, as any nation, has a right to defend itself, but it confuses offense with defense. It is on the offensive in Gaza. Israel, with its overwhelming military strength, is attacking and invading Gaza in violation of international and U.S. law. Its construction of settlements violates the Oslo agreement. Its Central Bank dries up the Gaza economy and blocks payments to Gazan civil servants. Its total control brings the Palestinians to utter subjection and total despair."

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