Thursday, July 10, 2014

One of the best last night on SYTYCD

Compared to the last routine, this was one of the best. The Argentine Tango community is much like the west coast swing dance community, in that both focus almost solely on one dance. This can lead to the kind of insularity and insensitivity to one's dancers when choreographing a routine, especially when said dancers have never done the dance before. But unlike Benji's routine that was definitely not the case here. Yes, the choreographers stuck to the purity of their dance's technique and asked their dancers to do some rather difficult moves. But they didn't push them so far that they required of them to do every trick in the book in rapid fire succession that it destroyed the flavor and style of the dance. There was plenty of more basic technique to transition between the flair and the passion. A fine example of making your dancers look good, and they indeed looked really good.

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