Sunday, July 10, 2016

Seth Abramson on the Clinton email farce

He's an attorney and destroys the FBI chief's twisting of the law to let Clinton off. First off, intent was not required for what Clinton did. But even so, he shows unequivocally that Clinton did indeed meet every standard of intent imaginable. See the link for the numerous points of law as applied to the facts in this case. And this coming from a Democrat who will vote for Clinton, not some crazed Republican. Abramson is not alone among Democrats that have the good sense to actually know that the law was misapplied for purely political reasons. No wonder we the people have lost faith in our current corrupt system. He said:

"I’m a staunch Democrat, but I’m also an attorney. Watching fellow Democrats twist themselves into pretzels to analyze Clinton’s actions through a farcically slapdash legal framework, rather than merely acknowledging that Clinton is a human being and, like any human being, can both (a) commit crimes, and (b) be replaced on a political ticket if need be, makes me sick as both a Democrat and a lawyer."

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