Saturday, July 9, 2016

The charter school debacle and Clinton

Following up on this post, here's an article reporting on Clinton's speech to the National Education Association (NEA). She was booed during her comments on charter schools. She's been a long-time advocate of them even though they are nothing more that a corporate privatization scheme that has miserably failed to produce results. Just one more example of corporate Shillary's well-meaning but horribly implemented education agenda. Given that both the NEA and the American Federation of Teachers both endorsed Clinton despite rank-and-file denunciation, that should tell us something about how leadership in those organizations has also sold out to corporate interests.

Yes, I know, Trump is way worse. That doesn't though eliminate our responsibility to know exactly what we're getting into with Clinton. And to aspire much higher going forward.

Hmm, "aspire much higher" is a good campaign slogan for the future. 

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