Sunday, June 4, 2017

Collective Enlightenment Through Postmetaphysical Eyes

By Michel Bauwens and Edward Berge. A draft of the article can be found here. It will be in the upcoming Spanda Journal the end of June. I share it with the Journal's permission. The abstract:

Enlightenment has had broadly different definitions is the East and West. In the East it is seen as an individual accessing meditative states that transcend the world of form in a metaphysical reality. In the West it is more about individual development to abstract reasoning, which can accurately represent empirical reality but is itself an a priori, metaphysical capacity. Enlightenment in either case is based on metaphysical individual achievements. However the postmetaphysical turn has questioned such premises, instead contextualizing both meditative states and abstract reasoning within broader socio-cultural contexts. Enlightenment itself has thereby been redefined within this orientation and is seen more as a collective endeavor that is collaboratively enacted.

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