Sunday, June 4, 2017

T-Swamp can't withdraw from the Paris Accord per its agreement

That's right, the Biggest Swamp can't just act without following the agreement the US committed to.  As usual he thinks he's a King that can issue edicts, but as his travel ban proved there are laws that must be obeyed. According to the article:

"As a matter of both international law and U.S. law, the president could withdraw from the Paris Agreement pursuant to Article 28.1, which allows a party to withdraw by giving one year’s written notification to the Depositary (i.e., the U.N. Secretary-General), beginning three years after the Paris Agreement’s entry into force for that party."

The agreement went into effect 11/4/16, so the earliest written notice for withdrawal would be 11/4/19, which wouldn't take effect until 11/4/20. So screw you (notmy)President, we're still in the accord like it or not.

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