Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hermes and communication

I recall during my hermetic occult days that the intermediary between God and humanity was Hermes, the hermaphroditic Magician of Tarot. And language was the key to that communication. Those who could talk with God (or ultimate reality) and interpret Its Word were indeed powerful, the Catholic Church but one example.

While I moved on from the hermetic tradition I moved into the hermeneutic tradition. At least in that coterie there was debate about the nature of reality and its interpretation. Postmetaphysical circles eliminated the One True God and Way for intersubjective consensus through the better argument, or as Habermas might say, the ideal speech situation (later known as pragmatic presuppositions). There is no end point like God to that process, just continual paradigmatic exploration and development. Its latest iteration is the plethora of participative polydoxia, itself betwixt and between where the twain indeed shall  merry meet.

Being hermaphroditic, Hermes is both my patron and matron saint, or pa/ma for short. This is again indicative of the mediator betwixt and between pa and ma.  Hence my penchant for rhetaphor (rhetorical metaphor) and always creating hybrid words, part of my spiritual practice/enaction/invocation of pa/ma. Or as LP called me here, a cunning linguist aka cunnilinguist, not to be confused with kennilinguist. 

PS: Recall Lady Gaga as one such hermaphrodite. I could see her wearing the below outfit. 

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