Thursday, June 8, 2017

Meyer's on Comey's testimony

He shows how the only game Republicans have is to tarnish Comey's integrity. He shows clips of T-Swamp and Republicans scathingly rebuking Clinton when they say he did it to the FBI Director. Now the hypocrites are doing it.

Comey was concerned the Swamp would lie about their meetings and indeed that's exactly what he's doing. Comey hopes that Swamp's threat of there being tapes of their conversations is true to prove his point.

And again, the Republican strategy is to hang their defense on the word 'hope' T-Swamp used. The other defense is that the Biggest Swamp is just too stupid to know what he was doing or saying. Ok, that one's true, but it's not a legal defense for a crime. Unless of course they want to plead insanity, which would get him out of the Oval Office. Perhaps that is their plan?

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