Friday, June 2, 2017

Why the press & Democrats won't touch cross-check

Investigative reporter Greg Palast did a report that revealed Republicans instituted a voter suppression scheme called Interstate Crosscheck. That the program exists is fact and can be proven. So why are lamestream media and the Democratic Part not screaming bloody murder about our election being rigged?

Palast explains in this interview. Back when Gore actually won the election and Palast was about to reveal voter suppression in FL, Gore was warned off using the story because the American voting system is sacrosanct. According to establishment Dems, to admit it is rigged is to end one's career, since one will be perceived as a conspiracy theorist. That is in fact how the Republicans spin anyone who comes near this story, since they know it's true so have to spread fake news about it. And irony of all ironies, T-Swamp won largely on accurately claiming the system is rigged! Dem Party wrong yet again.

Also the Dem Party is itself complicit in rigging the primary, insuring that many Sanders voters were not counted. So to expose Republican voter suppression would open their own can of worms. I guess one has to look at Palast's long and accurate history of exposing all sorts of fraud and corruption to determine if he is also right on this one. But the fact that the story is being ignored might just speak louder than words.

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