Monday, May 7, 2012

France & Greece refute austerity

Recall this post on austerity and how this was purposefully engineered by the banks for their own profit at the detriment to the rest of society. Well some of those European countries suffering economic hardship due in fact to such engineering are refuting the austerity punishment being inflicted upon them by the 1%. In France the socialist Hollande won the Presidential election promising to raise taxes on the rich, quit cutting social programs under the specious claim of austerity, and invest is creating jobs though government spending. Greece repudiated those favoring the proposed bailout. They follow other recent developments in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, also rejecting conservative austerity. Also consider the UK's double-dip recession due to austerity measures.

We see these same issues playing out in the US, with the conservatives calling such an agenda socialist like it's a dirty word. I say embrace it like Hollande. Of course we must use the kind of nuance as to what this means, nuance of which conservatives seem incapable. Meaning yes, the kind of State socialism and communism we saw in the USSR and China is not the model. Rather it's the kind of democratic socialism we've seen in Europe for a long time, and that is still practiced in northern Europe like Norway and Sweden where their economy is doing quite nicely, thank you very much. Plus their people are the happiest in the world.

We progressives can embrace the term socialist under this definition and like in Europe, the majority will understand this nuance and win the coming US elections as they just did in Europe. Granted we won't get the votes of the fearful,conservative sheep intentionally manipulated by the authoritarian 1%, but so what? They are really only about 20% of the US voting public and shrinking daily. We don't need them and can, and will, win this November if Europe is any bellweather.*

That is, if the very real conservative plot to disenfranchise our side of the voting public doesn't succeed. But that is up to us to bring this to the attention of our leaders and demand an end to this obvious ploy to eliminate democracy, which the plutocratic 1% detest.

* In the US the Wisconsin recall election of Governor Walker is actually the bellweather. If that succeeds then look out conservatives in the upcoming elections.


  1. Also see this video* from the Rachel Maddow Show on this turn of events.


  2. And this clip from the Ed Shultz show:


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