Thursday, May 31, 2012

Florida voter purge

This has been a hot story in the US since the Republican FL Governor decided to purge 182,000 registered voters. Ed Shultz highlighted it again this evening. As you may have guessed, most of the purgees are registered Democrats. Coincidence? The purge is rationalized under a bogus pretense, that there is rampant voter fraud and this is necessary to preserve electoral integrity. But in the 2008 election there were about a 16 confirmed cases of voter fraud with over 8 million votes cast. And this is reason to disenfranchise 182,000 people? Granted not that many will likely be removed, but it is estimated that up to 35,000 eligible voters might be. Shultz gets at the real reason behind the FL purge. As current State poling stands, Romney cannot win the Presidency without winning FL's electoral votes.

The good news is that some local FL electoral officials re refusing to participate, calling the purge list not credible. Shultz speculates that one reason for the pushback is at least in part due to liberal cable tv and radio media coverage bringing this to the nation's attention. We are certainly not hearing about this in the mainstream network news. Liberal media was not available during the 2000 election when FL was doing the same thing, having purged about 12,000 eligible voters. And still, Bush won FL by the slimmest of margins, 537 votes.

You see, conservatives know they cannot win the 2012 election fairly, as their radical agenda has been exposed. And that agenda does not believe in democracy, since it favors the wealthy 1% who have already decimated the 99% and want to go even further. This is literally about the death of democracy, and this is not hyperbole. The FL voter purge is but one of numerous examples of this conservative agenda. It must be stopped and stopped now if we ever hope to retain what shred of democracy is left after its brutal beating at the hands of these oligarchs.

Update: Rachel Maddow reports that the US Dept. of  Justice has written a letter to FL to cease and desist from the purge, claiming that it may be violating the national voter registration act.

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